If you have accidently deleted the original icon package that was supplied with the plugin, you can find them below. You can also find some additional packages in future on this page.

  • simple (Supplied with plugin)
  • blueticon (Supplied with plugin)
  • logo (logos of popular companies)

How to create my own icon package for userchat?

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Choose a name for your package. use only letters and numbers. Create a folder with decided package name inside smile folder.
  2. keep all icon files inside this folder that will be used for different reactions. File names must be created in english letters, numbers, hyphen or underscores only. Only jpeg, png, gif and bmp are supported.
  3. Create a blank js file with name userchat-pack.js in same folder.
  4. You will need to provide a 24 x 24 image for package icon. Please create and keep it ready.
  5. Use the form below to generate the content of userchat-pack.js file and the save the contents to the file.
  6. Copy the icon file in same folder.
That's it. Your icon package is ready. You can zip this folder and install as a icon package whenever or wherever needed. You can also easily supply it to others in this format.

userchat-pack.js generator

Icon package name

English letters and numbers only. No special charectors, spaces or any other charector are allowed. Some examples:

  • simple
  • bluticons
  • animaticons
  • logos

Package main icon file

This is the main icon that appears in chatbox, on which users click to access all icons. This must be png or gif image of 24 x 24 pixels.

All package files

Please choose each icon file that is needed in package except main icon file. You can choose multiple files by holding control key. You can also select all files in a folder by pressing control + a. File names should contain english letters, numbers, hyphens and underscore only. Example :

Icon height

This value will he used as icon height for each icon in this pack.

Icon presentation style

HD mode is good for big icons because a single icon takes full width of chat area.
If icons are small and meant to be used within text lines, choose normal mode.