Understanding basics of PHPix

This part should clear some of the most common questions that arise when you are a new user or new to development of PHPix. We will try be very precise and as short as possible to save your valuable time.


What is PHPix? another CMS, Web storage service or Social Network?

PHPix is a personal photo management web software where only admin can upload photos and will decide who else can see those photos. PHPix creates easy browsing experiance so that you or your family can view those photos anytime. If photos are kept public, they will be availiable for everyone to see. If they are kept private, admin will assign 1 or many users for that photo. Only those assigned users can access the private photos. Similarly There can be private album or public album.

  • It is not a full fledged CMS because it focuses only for photos.
  • It is not a service, because the software and the photos are always kept on your purchased hosting / server / website.
  • This website that you are going to make, is your personal database and only people that have access to it will use.


What can developers do for PHPix?

Developers can create many things for PHPix, some of the most demanding things are listed below

  • Developing Swipe animations (requires knowledge of CSS3 and 3D CSS)
  • Button themes or sets (can be created with PNG or SVG images only, some knowledge of css can be useful, its not compulsory)
  • UI Themes (CSS, images and creativity)
  • Admin themes (bootstrap based css themes only)
  • packages (knowledge varies depends on what you are trying to make, just like plugins of wordpress)

You can click on above links to learn those topics in depth.